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June 25 – Aug. 22, 2015

SEX & CINEMA with MEL CASAS, 1965-1967

FL!GHT Gallery, 134 Blue Star

San Antonio, TX


"Sex and Cinema with Mel Casas, 1965-1967" treats the cinematic origins of the Humanscape series. This show includes one of Casas’ embryo paintings, as well as Humanscape 2 (1965), Casas’ only extant image of a drive-in. Casas, who was deeply influenced by the critique of media culture found in Marshall McLuhan’s book The Mechanical Bride: The Folklore of Industrial Man (1951), was particularly concerned with how film and other media influence society. His concern is often reflected humorously, as in Humanscape 15 (1966), which features six identical couples in a theater interior who watch and mimic a couple who appear onscreen. The paintings in this exhibition become increasingly colorful and vivid, leading directly to the Sexual Revolution paintings


    by Cordova, Ruben C., Guest Curator, 2015.

Humanscape 23
Humanscape 15
Humanscape 2
Humanscape 36
Humanscape 50
Humanscape 25
Humanscape 30
Humanscape a
Humanscape b
Humanscape 33
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