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June 5-Oct. 24, 2015

GETTING the BIG PICTURE: Political Themes in the Art of MEL CASAS, 1968-1977

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

723 South Brazos St.

San Antonio, TX


Casas is best known for a handful of paintings with Chicano themes, such as Humanscape 65 (New Horizons, 1971) and Humanscape 68 (Kitchen Spanish, 1973), which have been featured in many traveling exhibitions. This exhibition provides a full view of Casas’ politically-oriented art, including anti-war paintings and oblique commentaries on Nixon-era politics, censorship, and racial discrimination. Some of these works received considerable exposure soon after they were painted: Humanscape 70 (Anatomy of a White Dog, 1973) was in the 1975 Whitney Biennial, and Humanscape 67 (Ellsberg the Pentagon’s Mocking Bird, 1972) was illustrated in a Roberta Smith article that appeared in Art in America in 1976. This is the first exhibition to focus on Casas’ political paintings.


    by Cordova, Ruben C., Guest Curator, 2015.

Humanscape 41
Humanscape 43
Humanscape 47
Humanscape 49
Humanscape 56
Humanscape 58
Humanscape 60
Humanscape 63
Humanscape 64
Humanscape 65
Humanscape 67
Humanscape 68
Humanscape 69
Humanscape 70
Humanscape 71
Humanscape 72
Humanscape 73
Humanscape 81
Humanscape 83
Humanscape 85
Humanscape 87
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